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Season 19' has Arrived...

Mar 19th 2019

The Divines Co. is doing something different this year...instead of releasing a whole capsule at one time, we will be releasing new products separately. This way our supports get the chance to appreci … read more

Introducing Divine art prints

Posted by Denzel Seals on Mar 6th 2015

We have received loads of feedback from supporters saying they would not only love to wear our designs but possibly be able to hang them on their walls...We gave it some thought and realized that it's … read more

The Divines Have Finally Arrived!

Posted by Denzel Seals on Feb 15th 2014

I know, I know, I took a pretty long time to get this done and released...but you have to understand...I ALMOST LOST MY MIND!I literally pushed myself to the limit, limits most people would … read more