The Divines Co. presents the "Milky Way Collection" releases on Friday the 13th!!!


We're excited to announce the release of the Milky way Collection featuring profound and dynamic designs that represent what we're about

...they speak for themselves...

You can pre-order them now (before they sell-out) or you can wait until Friday the 13th to collect yours.

Be on the lookout for future new features from this collection so follow us on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram!

Keep It Divine... 

- The Divines Co.

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Introducing Divine art prints

We have received loads of feedback from supporters saying they would not only love to wear our designs but possibly be able to hang them on their walls...We gave it some thought and realized that it's actually a good idea...So now your wishes are granted! Just go to the Prints tab on the home menu to [...]

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I just want to take this time out to thank for their feature of The Divines. Iloveyourtshirt has been one of my fave t-shirt blogs well before the creation of The Divines and I am truly honored for their consideration and liking of our brand. The Divines has been making quite a buzz in [...]

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Happy Holidays Divine Ones

The Divines crew wants to wish you and yours a happy, fun and memorable holidays and we wish for a great transition into the greatest year of our lives...2015!!! See ya next year ;)P.S. I hope you guys take advantage of the Christmas Eve Special!

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The Divines Have Finally Arrived!

I know, I know, I took a pretty long time to get this done and released...but you have to understand...I ALMOST LOST MY MIND!I literally pushed myself to the limit, limits most people would avoid at all costs, but I overcame and now it's allll done! It's truly an honor to use my abilities [...]

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