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It was all a dream...literally. You probably thought I was going to continue with that infamous B.I.G. song right? No, but a dream is exactly where The Divines derived. After a sleepless night of watching reruns of shows that I missed during the past week, I fell into a mysterious world, where everything wasn't perfect, but everyone was perfect-like. This place was inhabited by people who weren't short of faults but they accepted them and used them to their advantage. These people walked around with godliness as if their feet left gold footprints in the pavement after each step they made. They talked to each other with passion and purpose. There was no hate, discrimination, stupidity or nothing of the sort. Then I was approached by one and she said something to me but I couldn't understand it because it was from a different language or dialect. But the most memorable part of the conversation wasn't even about the conversation, it was about her eyes. She literally had the universe in her eyes; stars, space and everything in-between. She was made up of limitless and infinite possibilities and so were the rest of them. The light started to slowly dim and suddenly I was awake; that impeccable world was far gone.

I literally stared at the wall for 15 minutes, told my grandmother about it, got a piece of paper and began drawing. I was so inspired by those imaginary figures in my dream that I felt like something had to be done. It was the fact that those individuals in my dream possessed the same qualities that I look for in people every single day but instead I see the opposite more than anything. In the real world being dumb is treated as a trend and stupid acts along with violence goes viral with ease. I'm fed up with it. If people, including me, treated others and themselves as those in my dream did, this reality would be so much easier to live with. They walked around like kings and queens. No, in fact they acted almost god-like; they lived so Divine. And at that moment is where I realized The Divines was not only the perfect name, but the perfect lifestyle.

When you wear Divines you should feel exactly that. All of the designs and illustrations are meaningful based on profound messages. I hope you truly feel Divine when you put anything from The Divines on because being Divine is not acting as if you’re a god, it is realizing that you have power and abilities that transcend beyond your world, situation, problems, faults, and present self. Being Divine is not about seeking perfection; it is about being the best YOU you can be and inspiring others to do the same. The Divines show society the best way to live and the best way is to live is in a Divine fashion.

-Denzel Seals, founder of The Divines


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